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“I have a great husband and two wonderful kids. We have more than enough money and I have a great job as a senior executive at a telecommunications firm. Yet I had been unhappy for a long time and felt guilty because of my unhappiness. I just couldn’t understand why I was unhappy, neither could my husband. During the ReDirections workshop I re-discovered my passion for archeology, and realized my career and family had taken me away from my dream of becoming an archaeologist. I remembered I had abandoned archaeology because I felt I would have to be away from those I loved for months on end while I was away on digs in remote parts of the world.The ReDirections workshop revived all those old feelings and I ended up talking to my family about my unfulfilled goals. Within a week, they signed up me up for an archaeological holiday in Europe, and they all wanted to go with me! So we found ourselves on an extended family trip to the Mediterranean, digging ancient artifacts! It was one of the happiest times for all of us and I’ve found the cure for the recurring melancholy in my life.” — Joanne “My name is Rema. Before I married, I worked as a legal secretary. In fact, that’s where I met Rick. After my first child, I decided to quit work and stay at home with her until she reached school age. Well, I had three kids, and being a mom was a full-time occupation. As they got older, I had more time on my hands and I wanted to go back to work, but when it came time to actually start, my resume seemed a little short on experience and definitely out of date. Seeing I could not really make up my mind about what sort of a career, I might take up, a friend of mine dragged me to a ReDirections workshop.Though I had not considered putting it on my resume, I had volunteered for a number of years with our community newspaper. I had developed, not only work experience, but an avid interest in writing and publishing. Exploring my personality and transferable skills in Sam’s workshop pointed me towards creative communications at the community college. I’m in my second year, and am looking forward to graduating in the next few months. I really enjoy both the graphic arts and creative writing. When I graduate, I would like to work for a company for some time to gain experience, and then eventually set up my own business at home.” — Rema “My manufacturing job will soon become obsolete. Even though I like the money and the benefits package, I never really enjoyed the work. ReDirections showed me I would be better suited to a job which involves working with people and gives me room to use more creativity. The workshop got me out of a rut and showed me I had many other skills and abilities I could use for paid work.I started taking culinary arts at night school and I love it. Chefs are in big demand and government projections say chefs and cooks will stay in demand right into the new millenium. I don’t even have to wait till they lay me off to try my hand as a chef; though I might wait till I get a good severance package. I could use it to start my own restaurant. Whatever happens, ReDirections showed me I can take charge of my own destiny, and knowing I can do that even makes the factory work easier to take. Redirections has given me hope to carry on!” — John

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