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Sam Koshy

Hi. I’m Sam Koshy. I’m passionate about helping people achieve a renewed sense of hope and purpose. Deep satisfaction results when our decisions – personal or professional – align with who we are and what we value. I help people discover which decisions best fit them.

This site is where I offer articles, courses and coaching to help people navigate career and life change. The information offered here comes from my decades of life coaching experience.

My coaching programs for individuals will help you discover who you are and where you fit best.  I coach people in various circumstances, including…

  • Career and life changes
  • Mid-lifers and Empty Nesters wanting to live an authentic life or get a fresh start
  • Students and graduates seeking clarity about their career and life direction

and more…

Transitional times don’t have to be filled with confusion and anxiety.
Turn transitions into transformations; develop a Personal Strategic Plan

I hit rock bottom and felt like I was in the middle of the ocean being slapped around by waves that were getting bigger and bigger and they were slowly pulling me under. I came to realize I was completely burnt out from work, so extensively I even lost faith in humanity. Then I was referred to Sam Koshy.

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Small bricks put together make a strong wall. I brought the bricks and Sam helped me put them together. — Dan Andre, Architect

The value of Personal Strategic Planning manual extends beyond the process, communicating with Sam is like being in the presence of a person with a vast intellectual capacity of encyclopedic proportions, with a heart as large as a full, blue moon. Sam continues to be accessible and insightfully supportive as I build my own ADHD Coaching practice. Words fall short in describing the impact of working with Sam has had on my personal and professional life.

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Sam took me on as a “test case”, volunteering to work with me to resolve these conflicts. Sam saved my life. We worked together on all of the major issues in my life, and it was very difficult and painful for both of us, but it worked! Over the years we became more friends than anything else, and I think I was even able to facilitate a few changes in Sam’s life too. For one thing, I urged him and offered my help in any way possible to make his insights and intuitive skills available to others, and he has made a career of helping people through difficult decisions.

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