Career Confusion

Have you been asked since you were a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Do you remember how your answers have changed over time?

How many times have you changed your mind about your current studies, future studies and career plans? Remember what factors influenced your decision?

Have many people in your life said that you will make a good this, that, or the other, but you are not sure it is for you? Do you need to make a choice from alternative possibilities?

Do you have one or more degrees or diplomas already, and are not sure whether you want to pursue those fields at all, or where and how to proceed?

Do you find yourself unmotivated and feel hopeless about your future?


Not everyone is fortunate like Mozart, who had known from childhood exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up, that gave him the focus, direction, and motivation to follow through.

Looking Ahead program can help you gain the clarity you need and assist in selecting a path from alternatives you are considering.

At first I was doing well. I didn’t mind going from job to job and project to project, but because I lacked direction and focus, the contracts were tapering off. I became anxious and worried I might not have the qualifications or the ability to survive financially. I considered getting a steady job but the only job I found did not pay even half as much as I was used to making. I knew I had to have a lot more training if I was to survive in the computer field.

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My manufacturing job will soon become obsolete. Even though I like the money and the benefits package, I never really enjoyed the work. ReDirections showed me I would be better suited to a job which involves working with people and gives me room to use more creativity. The workshop got me out of a rut and showed me I had many other skills and abilities I could use for paid work.

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Looking Ahead is an adaptation of the Personal Strategic Planning process for High School students. If you prefer a broader approach, the original Personal Strategic planning book available below is effective for any stage in life and career.

After working only a few years as a Certified Accountant in a large firm, I was pretty sure I had not found my calling. The personality and values assessment of the workshop seemed to confirm my feeling I should find a job that allowed me an opportunity to work directly with people. With a young family and debt from many years of college, I couldn’t see how I could leave my profession for a new career.

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I moved with my family to North America as refugees from the brutal war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Though I was a highly specialized Metallurgical engineer in my home country, I could not get a license in North America to practice my profession. Through ReDirections, I found my abilities as a chess player indicated that I had the analytical skills required to become a computer programmer even though I had never before worked with a computer.

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