Key to Authentic Success

  • Have you achieved reasonable success financially and in your career and still are not happy?
  • Are you in a situation or stage of life where questions about Meaning, Purpose and Authenticity are becoming more important?
  • Are Personal congruence, Authenticity, and holistic thinking part of your belief system?

“Your Key to Authentic Success” focuses on your authentic success. It takes into account all parts and aspects of who you are as a person. It is based on a belief that your unique personality, skills, interests and beliefs are the stuff of your life, your gifts and your contribution to yourself, others and the world.

We’re in our 50’s and came to the workshop out of curiosity. My husband, Rob, is a senior executive with a multinational company and I’m a social worker. We had successfully raised our children and were at the peak of our careers. The workshop ran on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. By Saturday morning both of us must have looked like zombies. We hadn’t slept all night. We had talked all night because we realized in 30 years of marriage we had never talked about our needs to each other, and from the workshop, were unaware of the implications of our different values on each other’s lives. In examining our lives, we began to re-discover each other and began what we call now our second honeymoon.

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Imagine Your Life…

However subtly, overtly or oppressively we have all had expectations of us by others in our life. Although they seem like the ‘ whole world’ often they can be counted on one hand if not two, parents, spouses, children, family, bosses, priests, cultural and social examples and heroes. We may have either met or rebelled against those expectations. Both are on someone else’s terms; adopting given ‘script’ or being opposed to someone else’s expectations, often called a ‘counter script’ in psychology.

How does the result of your life so far feel for you now at this stage? Others you tried to help or make happy, are they happy and satisfied? Or do they have still more or other expectations you don’t know you can or want to meet? What next in your own life? Before end of work and perhaps retirement or a second career you always dreamed about? Can you give allow yourself, give yourself permission to Imagine your Life Custom Made for YOU ?

It is not too late, as many have found.

I have a great husband and two wonderful kids. We have more than enough money and I have a great job as a senior executive at a telecommunications firm. Yet I had been unhappy for a long time and felt guilty because of my unhappiness. I just couldn’t understand why I was unhappy, neither could my husband. During the ReDirections workshop I re-discovered my passion for archeology, and realized my career and family had taken me away from my dream of becoming an archaeologist. I remembered I had abandoned archaeology because I felt I would have to be away from those I loved for months on end while I was away on digs in remote parts of the world.

The ReDirections workshop revived all those old feelings and I ended up talking to my family about my unfulfilled goals. Within a week, they signed up me up for an archaeological holiday in Europe, and they all wanted to go with me! So we found ourselves on an extended family trip to the Mediterranean, digging ancient artifacts! It was one of the happiest times for all of us and I’ve found the cure for the recurring melancholy in my life.

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One-on-one coaching

Seminars and Workshops are all well and good, but sometimes a little more is needed. That’s where Compass Career/Life Coaching comes in.

1-on-1logo2smAs people have personal trainers to help them take care of their bodies, you can have a Career Life coach and Strategist to help you with setting and achieving your goals. A life coach can help you map out your future and give you the mental tools and motivation to achieve it.

I recommend the Personal Strategic Planning for individuals in an organization at any level (support, professional, technical or management) who are interested in career change or career planning, who want to explore or assess different career options, who want to better align their personal values and interests with their career, or who want to improve the overall quality of their lives through enhanced self-awareness.

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The cost of the one-on-one coaching is $489.00. This includes about 5-6 hours of consultation by phone or email and 3 months of follow up counseling and coaching calls.

If you are a student or are unemployed, the cost for one-on-one coaching is $289.00.

For details on seminars and workshops for organizations please see Work Life Productivity.

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