Time of Your Life – Midlife Career Life Tune Up

  • No matter what your chronological age, are you “feeling” more Life has passed than is left to live?
  • Ever wonder if you could work at something very different while still utilizing your talents, education and experience?
  • Do you feel that the people and places to which you gave your life don’t appreciate it, recognize it, or might even think you should give more?
  • Do you have a lot of “if only”, “would have/could have/should have” moments in your life lately?

Often during Midlife, many a time after a significant personal or professional event, individuals tend to re-examine their life and career goals. Most of us have asked these questions at least momentarily.

I’m still in my fifties, and I’m personally worth a million or more. I made a lot of money through long hours of hard work in the family owned trucking company I inherited. I wanted to retire, but the thought of sitting around not working is not my idea of having fun. I need to be active, but I was not sure what I could do to keep myself busy. I saw an article in our community paper about a lawyer who had successfully redirected her life during one of Sam’s workshops; so I booked myself into one, booked a room in a hotel and drove into the city to attend Sam’s weekend workshop.

One of the participants couldn’t understand why a man as successful as me would attend a Career/Life workshop. My answer was simple and kind of surprised me: I told him I wanted “to get a life”. Like I didn’t have one already! I have a cabin cruiser big enough to hold one of Sam’s workshops in. Only it had been sitting on dry ground for years because I was too busy to use it. I even bought a share in the marina where I stored the boat, just to offset the cost of storing it! During the workshop, while checking out my interests and his skills, it came out that I liked everything and anything related to water, especially boats and motors. By the end of the workshop, I decided to sell my trucking business and buy out the marina where I kept the boat. Though I guess for most people, the marina would be as much work as any other, for me, because I didn’t “have to” accept any work except what I wanted, my new career as marina owner and outfitter is exactly what I needed for retirement.

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Consider a complete Career Life Tune up using the step-by-step process in Time of Your Life Workbook and one-on-one coaching shown below.


Buy Time of Your Life eBook

If you are planning on doing the Workbook yourself or with one-on-one coaching, you will need the Workbook. The eBook will give you the basic concepts, process and summary.


Buy Time of Your Life Workbook

One-on-one coaching

Seminars and Workshops are all well and good, but sometimes a little more is needed. That’s where Compass Career/Life Coaching comes in.

1-on-1logo2smAs people have personal trainers to help them take care of their bodies, you can have a life coach to help you with achieving your goals. A life coach can help you map out your future and give you the mental tools and motivation to achieve it.

The cost of the one-on-one coaching is $489.00. This includes about 5-6 hours of consultation by phone or email and 3 months of follow up counseling and coaching calls.

If you are a student or are unemployed, the cost for one-on-one coaching is $289.00.

For details on seminars and workshops for organizations please see Work Life Productivity.

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