Personal Strategic Planning

  • Confused about the Career and Life Choices in front of you?
  • Not sure if your job or field of work is suitable for you?
  • Considering further Education but not sure?

Personal Strategic Planning™ helps turn transitions into transformations. Knowing WHO you are already points to WHERE you want to go; SUCCESS follows naturally.
Sam K.


  1. Sort out your Career and Life situation – get yourself on track or back on track!
  2. Eliminate confusion, procrastination and lack of motivation
  3. Gain the clarity, focus and direction you need
  4. Feel a renewed sense of purpose and energy

At first I was doing well. I didn’t mind going from job to job and project to project, but because I lacked direction and focus, the contracts were tapering off. I became anxious and worried I might not have the qualifications or the ability to survive financially. I considered getting a steady job but the only job I found did not pay even half as much as I was used to making. I knew I had to have a lot more training if I was to survive in the computer field.

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My manufacturing job will soon become obsolete. Even though I like the money and the benefits package, I never really enjoyed the work. ReDirections showed me I would be better suited to a job which involves working with people and gives me room to use more creativity. The workshop got me out of a rut and showed me I had many other skills and abilities I could use for paid work.

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I moved with my family to North America as refugees from the brutal war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Though I was a highly specialized Metallurgical engineer in my home country, I could not get a license in North America to practice my profession. Through ReDirections, I found my abilities as a chess player indicated that I had the analytical skills required to become a computer programmer even though I had never before worked with a computer.

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I first went through the “Looking Ahead” Process when I was 15 years old. Before the process I had no idea what I wanted to do. After the process I thought that a career in law would satisfy what I wanted out of life. As a result I did things that would eventually help me in a career in law. I studied hard in school and took courses in university that would develop my reading and writing skills. I ran as an MLA candidate in the provincial election in Manitoba for one of the major political parties at the age of 21. I was the youngest Candidate in the province. Now at 22 I have been offered an early offer to Law School and will start classes in a few months.

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Explore career and life goals that lead to success by ordering Personal Stratiegic Planning.
This workbook, particularly when facilitated by an expert coach will help you methodically review, reassess and revise your career and life based on your current life situation.


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One-on-one coaching

Seminars and Workshops are all well and good, but sometimes a little more is needed. That’s where Compass Career/Life Coaching comes in.

1-on-1logo2smAs people have personal trainers to help them take care of their bodies, you can have a Career Life coach and Strategist to help you with setting and achieving your goals. A life coach can help you map out your future and give you the mental tools and motivation to achieve it.

I recommend the Personal Strategic Planning for individuals in an organization at any level (support, professional, technical or management) who are interested in career change or career planning, who want to explore or assess different career options, who want to better align their personal values and interests with their career, or who want to improve the overall quality of their lives through enhanced self-awareness.

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The cost of the one-on-one coaching is $489.00. This includes about 5-6 hours of consultation by phone or email and 3 months of follow up counseling and coaching calls.

If you are a student or are unemployed, the cost for one-on-one coaching is $289.00.

For details on seminars and workshops for organizations please see Work Life Productivity.

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